Energy Management Solutions

Energie Optimalisatie voor Particulieren.

The ever-changing energy landscape requires smart energy systems. With Lyv Solutions we offer advanced services to optimize the use of energy. This not only provides financial benefits, but also prevents overloading of the power network.

Lyv does not yet deliver direct to individuals, or delivery through community partners.

Lyv Monitoring - Gain insight in your energy consumption!

Lyv Monitoring helps you to gain more insight into your energy consumption in order to reduce energy costs. Lyv Monitoring is a subscription service that can be offered via a community, for example an energy supplier or housing association. Through the Lyv Gateway the service collects 'near real-time' data about your community's energy consumption and sends it to the Lyv Platform. The Lyv Platform then processes this data into clear reports that you can consult via a mobile app or computer.

Lyv Monitoring offers

  • Clear reports about current and historical consumption
  • Energy consumption forecasts per day
  • Insight into the yield of your solar panels
  • Insight into dynamic energy rates

In addition, Lyv monitoring forms the base for additional advanced energy services such as Lyv Local Load Control and Lyv Financial Optimisation. Lyv Monitoring provides access to the Lyv device library in which you can easily add all your devices to the user environment, so that you always get a complete picture of all your energy flows.

Lyv Local Load Control - Prevent overload

Lyv Local Load Control (LLC) helps you to avoid overload. This advanced service continuously monitors the main connection and the load of the various connected devices. In the event of an imminent overload, LLC will temporarily switch off certain appliances, such as a boiler or heat pump. When a battery is present, additional power can also be extracted from that battery during those moments. In that way LLC not only prevents overload, but can also provide financial savings. LLC is the ideal solution for companies in areas with limited network capacity, or in situations where an additional or larger connection would lead to high costs. You only need a smart meter with a P1 port and an internet connection to get started. The installation is so simple that, with the help of our manual, you can do it completely by yourself. Please note: for bigger consumers, a separate meter is required in addition to the internet connection.

Lyv Local Financial Optimisation - Achieve extra return

For companies that want to achieve a higher return with dynamic energy tariffs, Lyv offers the Local Financial Optimization (LFO) service. Anyone who uses a dynamic energy rate per hour would in principle be able to manually switch each device on or off at the right time, but that’s not an easy task. It is much more convenient to opt for LFO, because this service ensures that devices automatically turn on or off when this leads to financial benefits. For example, a boiler only heats up if the rates are low or even negative. Devices can be easily added to the LFO service through the Lyv device library.

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