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Lyv Consultancy helps companies to find answers to complex technical energy issues. We’re all increasingly confronted with complex energy systems. Think of the increase in the use of solar and wind energy, or the transition to electric cars and heat pumps. The storage of extracted energy also presents us with major challenges. Lyv Consultancy wants to be your guide in this evolving environment! 

By monitoring your current installation and analyzing the available data, we’ll look for new insights and opportunities for optimization. In consultation with you we discuss the best transition plan, determine priorities and work towards a sustainable energy system that fits your situation.



Some questions our customers approached us with:

  • We are building a new residential area and are considering adding a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). Can Lyv help us with that since we lack experience?
  • Because of the growth of my company, my connection is no longer sufficient. What next?
  • The energy consumption in our shopping center is very high during the day but very low at night; could peak shaving be a solution?
  • I would like to install charging stations for my company's growing vehicle fleet. Where do I start?
  • We are considering installing batteries; how much solar power can be stored?


Any other question?

We are happy to answer them!

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