Lyv batteries for a smart energy system

A complete solution for companies and business parks

Smarter use of energy is becoming increasingly important and batteries play a key role in this. Lyv's various battery systems for companies solve problems caused by grid congestion or provide a higher financial return. For example, storing solar power for later use, anticipating dynamic rates, peak shaving and emergency power. It's all possible.


The battery systems are standard compatible with Lyv's energy management system, so that the battery can be used in an Energy hub. We take care of the installation of the battery system for companies. Do you already have a installer? No problem. Lyv supports your installer with the installation.


live cycle

From 20 kWh to

2.5 MWh and more

10 year




Battery systems for companies and business parks

Expanding your business with a battery system can be very useful! The battery in combination with smart energy management from Lyv provides companies benefits. In this way you solve problems that arise from grid congestion and a higher financial return can be achieved with dynamic energy rates. We have listed the many applications below. Do you recognize this? Please contact us.


Peak shaving

If there is insufficient network capacity, a battery system with peak shaving is a solution. When there is a peak in power demand, the battery system absorbs this peak. The power required for operation is then supplied by the battery. The battery is recharged after the peak demand at a time when there is low power demand (for example at night) or when there is excess solar power. Peak shaving can solve network problems. 


Emergency power and off-grid functions

Are there business activities within the company that always need power? A battery can be used as an emergency power supply. It is possible to reserve the entire battery or part of it for emergency power. And thanks to Lyv's hybrid inverters, solar panels can be connected directly to the inverter so that a company can operate off-grid for a longer period of time without network voltage. 


Increasing self-consumption

Do you generate your own electricity with solar panels? Then you can use the battery to increase the self-consumption of self-generated solar energy. During the day, the battery is charged with excess solar energy that you can use at another time. 


Manage dynamic rates

Lyv's energy management makes it possible to use the battery to control dynamic rates (EPEX). To this end, Lyv has developed 'Local Financial Optimization' (LFO) to increase the financial return of a dynamic energy contract. This service can easily be added to Lyv's energy management system. The battery will charge when the energy is cheapest and discharge when the rate is higher.

Our battery solutions

Indoor battery systems scalable in steps of 20kWh

Lyv supplies modular battery systems for an indoor setup that are scalable in steps of 20kWh. The possibilities are endless with this modular system. Starting with 20kWh and expanding to, for example, 1MWh or more is possible and the system can grow with the company. We are happy to discuss your wishes with you in order to be able to offer a suitable system.

Outdoor installations of battery systems

Companies or business parks that need a battery system with more power can also turn to Lyv. The modular outdoor setup that Lyv supplies is available in two versions. Both versions are modular and plug and play. This makes it easy to expand the power and capacity and there is a short realization time.

Powerstone. Scalable in steps from 77kWh to….

This modular battery system is available from 77kWh and can be expanded in steps of 77kWh to a powerful battery system. The Powerstone outdoor installation has batteries that can be charged and discharged with a higher capacity. This makes the battery system extra suitable for heavy duty. For example, to provide electric vehicles with extra power.

DH200F. Scalable with 215kWh to 2.5MWh and more

With a modular battery system, the storage capacity can be expanded in steps of 215 kWh to a powerful battery system of, for example, 2.5 MWh, but the possibilities are endless. In the example below, a cluster of 6 modules is connected in parallel and the size of the total module is equal to a 20FT container. This battery system can be expanded with a hybrid module so that solar panels can be connected directly to the battery system.

Would you like to know more about a battery system for your company?

Advantages and practical information about our battery systems

  • The Lyv battery inverters for companies are 3-phase systems and can discharge and charge phase-independently, which is good for the phase balance on the power network.
  • Our inverters can be supplied as hybrid or retrofit. With a hybrid system, solar panels can be directly connected to the battery inverter. A retrofit system can be added to an existing installation with or without solar panels. The retrofit inverters are compatible with any existing PV installation.
  • Our batteries are LFP batteries and are known for their safety and robustness. Super safe batteries that also do not contain cobalt.
  • The battery can be charged at least 6,000 times, creating an optimal ratio between cost and lifespan.
  • 10 year warranty

Constantly evolving

At Lyv we leave nothing to chance. We have therefore set up our own test room to test our battery systems. In this way we always know how they react and perform when controlled externally and our software can always be optimized for different environments.