Lyv hardware for a smart energy system

A total solution for companies.

Smart use of energy is of great importance. Lyv offers a complete solution for this: the best software, supplemented with hardware such as smart meters, switches and SME batteries. Lyv supplies a complete package so you can easily start your own smart energy system. 

At Lyv, we leave nothing to chance. That is why we have set up our own test room for testing our battery systems. This way we always know how they react and perform when controlled externally. This also helps us further optimize our software for different environments.


An overview of our hardware solutions:

SME - batteries

Expanding your power system with an SME battery can be very rewarding. An SME battery is mainly used for peak shaving or in places where there is insufficient network capacity. The battery is used during peak demand and is charged when there is a low power demand (for example at night) or when there is excess solar power. An SME battery can also be used in combination with a generator: the battery then again helps overcome large power shortages, so that the generator has to work as little as possible. 


  • The SME batteries can be controlled externally, making them suitable for dynamic power tariffs, Virtual Power Plants, and network service support.
  • The battery can be charged no less than 6,000 times, resulting in an optimal ratio between cost price and lifespan.
  • The Lyv SME batteries are 3-phase systems. This allows phase-independent discharge, which benefits the balance of the power network.
  • We supply both hybrid and retrofit batteries. With a hybrid system, solar panels can be connected directly to the battery inverter. A retrofit system can be added to an existing installation, with or without solar panels.
  • Our batteries are LFP batteries. LFP batteries are known for their safety and robustness. So, no worries about the safety of your battery.
  • The SME battery is modular and can be expanded in steps of 50 kWh.


A gateway connects devices in your business environment with the smart software in the cloud; the Lyv Energy Management System (EMS). The gateway translates and encrypts the signals from the devices and communicates them to the Lyv EMS. Conversely, signals from the Lyv EMS are also sent to the devices via the gateway.

Practical points

  • The Lyv gateway demands a wired internet connection.
  • At least one main meter must be connected to the gateway.
  • Devices can be connected to the gateway wired or wirelessly via the Zigbee protocol
Lyv gateway

Digital meters and switches

Digital meters and switches are necessary to gain insight into the energy flows in your system - and to react to them when necessary. Lyv offers a wide range of meters and switches, depending on the number of phases and power you use, to offer you the best solution for your specific environment. 

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