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Lyv has consciously chosen to store data in the Netherlands only.

The Lyv EMS is designed in a way that only the user himself determines whether his devices are controlled. So the user is always in control.

External control means it’s possible to control a device from a different location than the place the device is placed.

Exteral control makes it possible to use advanced services, such as participation in a VPP (Virtual Power Plant).

No, not all devices are suitable for external control. Even when a manufacturer specifies that a device is suitable for external control, it doesn’t always work.

Battery system general

De prijs van een batterijsysteem is afhankelijk van verschillende factoren. Ga uit van een prijs van €600 tot €1200 per kWh ex BTW. 

When purchasing a battery, de price per kWh is only one factor. For example, for the total cost of ownership (TCO), the number of times that a battery can be charged must also be taken into account.

Yes, in addition to a battery, you also need a BMS (Battery Management System) and an inverter. So it’s actually better to talk about a battery system.

Currently, almost all batteries come from Asia. Europe is still working on setting up its own battery industry. Lyv is a member of the EBA that promotes battery development and production in Europe.

Yes, most battery systems can be placed on the ground. Some systems can also be mounted on a wall.

In a battery system, losses will happen. The losses are caused by conversion of current and resistance into the various components of a battery system. The total percentage of loss depends on the situation. Indicative for a private system, 1 solar panel to compensate for system losses.

Storing solar power is about how much power from solar panels is used directly. The yield and the power consumption per year does not play a role in a battery system.

Battery functions

Yes, solar power management is a standard feature for smaller systems. For larger systems, an additional EMS may be required.

No, a BMS has an important function and protects the battery against misuse. It is specialist work to program the operation of a BMS.

Yes, Lyv supplies batteries with different functions, also for peak shaving.

Neighborhood battery

The financial model of a neighborhood battery is a bit complex because the tax cannot be settled, which is the case with a home battery. Investigations are underway to amend the legislation.


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