Energy Management Solutions

Energy Optimization for Communities

Lyv Energy Management Systems (EMS) offers various services for communities. We speak of a community when a group of consumers and producers of electricity have a bond with each other. A multisite company, for example, can integrate the different sites in the Lyv EMS to manage the energy consumption per site, as well as that of the entire group. Another example of a community service is when an energy company makes flexibility available to its customers via Lyv EMS or when an energy cooperation adjusts the consumption of its members to the production of their solar panel park. 

Community portal

A community portal enables optimal management of consumption and generation capacity within the community. Community members can of course decide for themselves whether they want to use the services offered, but the benefits are countless. For example, a community manager gains near real-time insight into the consumption or generation capacity of the community members, the connectivity of everyone becomes transparent and members, customers or establishments can easily be added. The community manager can also determine which devices and advanced services are available to the various participants. 

VPP Utility Controlled

For energy companies

The VPP Utility Controlled (VPP-UC) is a powerful service that enables energy companies to control connected devices, such as batteries and heat pumps. For example, flexible power can be used to optimize the purchasing energy portfolio. Energy company customers who participate in the VPP-UC make their devices available for flexible deployment. This means that the Lyv VPP-UC controls the devices so that they can be deployed in an aggregated manner. The energy company can deploy this power at any chosen moment. The VPP-UC works as a service together with Lyv Monitoring and the community portal. 

VPP Central Load Control ​

With VPP Central Load Control (VPP-CLC), Lyv can optimize network usage for different connections and thus prevent overload. This is useful, for example, at a business park or a holiday park where unwanted energy peaks can cause network problems. Thanks to the VPP-CLC, these peaks can be moved or even prevented. Compare the power network with traffic jams on the highway: most of the time the road is wide enough, only during the morning or evening rush hour there are traffic jams. However short-lived these peaks are, the impact is significant. Lyv VPP-CLC ensures that these traffic jams on the power network are bypassed by measuring the load in near-real time and adjusting the consumption based on actual load. For example, by discharging batteries at peak times or moving certain consumption to a later time.

VPP Community Optimisation

VPP Community Optimization (VPP-CO) is the right service for communities that really want green energy. VPP-CO maximizes the consumption of green energy within a community, which is generated, for example, by a windmill or a solar panel park. VPP-CO not only maps out who uses the green energy, the service also helps to make maximum use of this sustainable energy. In order to be able to use solar power in the evening, for example, a home battery is installed that is charged during the day with electricity from the solar panel park. This way you can use green power from your solar panel park day and night!

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