Lyv hardware for a smart energy system

Neighborhood Batteries for Communities

Lyv offers a complete solution for smart use of energy: a combination of software and hardware, such as neighborhood batteries. The complete package Lyv provides guarantees an easy start of an energy system in your area.

Neighborhood battery

A neighborhood battery is installed on a central place in a neighbourhood. Residents of the neighborhood with solar panels are connected to the neighborhood battery via the electricity network. Depending on the power consumption and production of the neighborhood, the neighborhood battery is charged and discharged. The neighborhood battery is set up in a way that each user has their own piece of battery available. This part of the battery is discharged first when this user - for example - needs power in the evening. Everyone can consult the status of their battery part at any time via an app or computer. Lyv supplies the total package needed for the start of a neighborhood battery project: the software, an app and the neighborhood battery.

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