Lyv expands with battery systems up to 2.5 MWh

During the SNEC Expo in Shanghai, Dyness launched two new battery systems in its home country China on May 25, and today Lyv is doing so in the Netherlands. Lyv is the first in Europe to supply the battery system. Good to know: Before Lyv adds products to the product range, we subject the suppliers to strict quality and compatibility requirements. We do this to ensure that customers get the best products available in the market.

Big, bigger, biggest

Until today, Lyv supplied battery systems for companies up to 500 kWh in addition to home batteries. A capacity that has already helped many companies to solve problems caused by network congestion. However, Lyv had already noticed that the demand for larger battery systems was increasing and started looking for a suitable supplier to supply battery systems with a higher capacity. We succeeded with Dyness. The modular system that Lyv supplies is available in two versions. A system that and can be expanded in steps of 77 kWh to 1.2 MWh or more. And a battery system that can expand in steps of 215 kWh to 2.5 MWh or more. The expansion to larger battery systems is in line with developments in the Dutch and European market and is a logical step for Lyv. It enables us to realize Energy Hubs with a larger storage capacity at business parks or as energy storage at companies.

The new battery systems are suitable for outdoor installation and scalable in a standard 20 Ft and 40 Ft container size.

Battery is the heart of an Energy hub

Energy hubs are necessary for a resilient energy system and batteries play a central role as a buffer to store and supply energy. This means that power peaks can be absorbed so that companies are not limited in economic growth and are able to take transition towards sustainable. It also enables us to store power when there is a large supply of (our own) solar power and/or cheap energy and to discharge it at an advantageous time.

Quality and compatibility

Lyv only supplies battery systems that can meet high quality requirements. Examples are a long service life, limited use of scarce raw materials and a long warranty period. The new battery systems succeed in this. For example, the battery can be charged and discharged at least 6,000 times, there is a solid warranty period, and the battery is free of cobalt. In addition, the battery is compatible with Lyv's energy management system for even smarter use of the battery within the Energy hub. For example, we can manage collective power within business parks, peak shaving apply peak shaving, manage dynamic rates and use the battery as an emergency power facility.

Op de hoogte blijven van actualiteiten en ontwikkelingen over netcongestie, energiemanagement en batterijen?

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